We specialize in cradle to grave collection of all types of bad debt.


Which includes but is not limited to retail, medical and dishonored checks, we offer complete professional collections services for both the client and the consumer.

Our client base consists of hospitals, medical and government accounts, other professional services such as attorney firms and accountants, government entities, utilities, retail merchants, dishonored check collections and commercial collections.

We offer our clients reports of payments and detailed accounts lists and for the debtors, several payment options and basic information about credit restoration.

Collection Service Tools & Techniques

Our agency has been a member of the collection agency community since inception.

We pride ourselves on fast, fair and reliable customer service with an extensively trained professional staff and a very low employee turnover rate.

We have built a reputation of having the highest integrity, personal service and customer care. Our employees are not micro-managed; enabling them to give our clients the one-on-one personal attention and care.

We have found that this produces efficient debt collection and recovery for our clients while providing respectful customer service for the consumers.

Computerized Collection Systems

  • Semi-Annual Progress Reports
  • Certified Account Representatives
  • Collection Seminars
  • A Small Balance Unit to handle accounts with balances less than $100
  • We advance legal costs and have attorneys on retainer